Which is the Best Plotted community to invest in North Bangalore?

The properties play a great role in our lifetime. We all desire to have a property for our own just to relish the feel of owning and inheriting it. There are a lot of dreams we carry in terms of properties. Some would like to settle in a different housing style whereas others would think of a completely different housing pattern. The city also offers us a great choice of housing. Such as twin houses, apartments to plotted development.

Which is the Best Plotted community to invest in North Bangalore?

However, we all have a great edge for plotted units since there are plenty of benefits in this type. We could avail our size what we look for. And craft it with our best plans and could raise our dream abode just from scratch.

North Bangalore is a place in the city which is known by everyone for the Airport in it. Yes !! as we all know the Bangalore International Airport, Devanahalli is located in this North Bangalore region.

This region is going through a modern revamp and thus the area is filled with residential and commercial projects. The growth of this North Bangalore region is phenomenal with many top-notch industries and proposed developments. The other side of this area has got a pretty good infrastructure and connectivity.

In this region, the urge for plotted developments is huge since the area is serene with a pleasing atmosphere off the urban chaos.

Let’s go ahead and discuss the best-plotted community to invest in in North Bangalore.

Vaishnavi Life

Vaishnavi Plots

This is a premium villa plotted development located at Devanahalli near BIAL. Vaishnavi Life is a 45 acres property that has a fine and efficient layout. This property is developed by Vaishnavi Group, a leading property developer for decades. The brand is good at delivering high-quality projects ahead of time and technologies. These brands implement the best modern techniques to obtain flawless property. Thus the Vaishnavi Group has ventured with the leading developers to offer an efficient property for us. For which all the units of the plotted development is well lit and receive ample fresh air.

Vaishnavi Life has got many ideal sizes plots such as

  • 30*40sqft, 1200sqft
  • 30*50sqft, 1500sqft
  • 40*60sqft, 2400sqft

The developer has offered lavish amenities in this property to offer us a high level of living with utmost safety, luxury and comfort.

There are only some developers who follow all the guidelines and regulations to offer a fine property to us. This Vaishnavi Life is such a flawless property with no hassles and issues.

We could raise our own bungalow with a car porch of 23.1*15.6sqft, and a spacious sit out of 5.10*7sqft. A living space of 14.1*11.8sqft with the dining of 22*14.7sqft could be planned.

Bedroom spaces of 16*13.4sqft, and 14.4*13.3sqft respectively. We could plan for a spacious kitchen of space 11*15.3sqft. On the first floor, we could replicate the same plan to have a copious home.

The pricing of the property is quite reasonable and other features of this Vaishnavi Life makes it a surging property in the town.

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