Surrounding Development in Devanahalli

This Devanahalli region has phenomenally grown over the years due to the placement of BIAL in this area. This has literally changed the look and value of this region exponentially. Yes!! There are numerous developments in this region compared to any other part of the city. As people lookout or choose this region for quick access to the Airport. This has made the area more appealing than others. On the other side, the atmosphere is quite pleasing with serene nature with many villages and trees and lakes around.

Surrounding Development in Devanahalli

This has made the growth of the Devanahalli region tremendous with numerous growth and development. There is a 10000-acre land which is designed to offer 1.2 million people with direct employment and 2.8 million people with indirect employment. This is all about the ITIR which is the largest infrastructure project in state history.

Since there is a great demand for commercial space in Devanahalli from Multinational companies. There is a huge land space acquired with 3000 acres space out of which 900 acres have been already developed with 45+ companies and a separate 100 acres been allocated for the HAL. This significant place is called SEZ and a part of it is called Aerospace Park.

Devanahalli Business Park is another crucial development in this region where 413.65 acres are allocated for this development just adjacent to the BIAL.

There are several other developments in various industries such as

  • Aerotropolis Airport city
  • Global Financial District
  • Medical Tourism Hub
  • Bangalore Turf Club

Considering all this development many developer giants has established their trending projects in this region. Compared to any property type the plotted development is the foremost and crucial investment type over the ages. This is due to the numerous benefits it offers us.

In the same Devanahalli region, we have found the finest property which is developed by the Vaishnavi Group.

Vaishnavi Life

Vaishnavi Plots

This is a 45 acres premium plotted development that is developed at Devanahalli. This Vaishnavi Life has limited units in it to give us a great living experience, with ample open green space and plenty of amenities.

The Vaishnavi Group has also well developed the layout with best sized plots such as

  • 30*40sqft, 1200sqft
  • 30*50sqft, 1500sqft
  • 40*60sqft, 2400sqft

This efficient layout has been brilliantly designed to have optimum space with no wastage. Vaishnavi Life is a zero wastage property which is a great advantage these days as well are not spending on wastage.

Vaishnavi Life is a prosperous property which is been designed exclusively to offer great facilities and comfort to the buyers and investors. Thus the Vaishnavi Life has provided us numerous state of art facilities to give us a sopshiticated living feel with utmost care, comfort, safety and luxury. There are numerous amenities been designed in this property.

We could craft our own bungalows in this ideal sized plots. On a 1500sqft plot we could have a decent area for covered porch with a living room of space 19*19sqft and dining space of 15*10sqft. A guest room of space 11*9.8sqft and bedrooms of space 12*12.5sqft and 11.8*10.9sqft. A kitchen space of 11*9sqft.

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