Residential Plots in North Bangalore

Plots are the most crucial property type across the globe. These plot units carry a large appreciation and value as they are independent and fruitful in nature.

Residential Plots in North Bangalore

So discovering the best property in our desired region is the most challenging factor in this fast-moving world. Because if we take Bangalore there are hundreds of projects launching every day. Validating all the projects is simply impossible. So we need to be fixing some basic ground rules to narrow down the listing. Such as best developers, high-quality property and so on.

Plots are procured from a large land parcel where the developer would buy a large land area. And they implement efficient layouts with the help of the best designers to craft the most customer-centric planning. These are basically independent villa plots where we do not share any space or walls of our house with the neighbors. Thus we could avail utmost privacy and safety. There are huge plots available for commercial purposes.

Residential plots are exclusively used for urban living purposes. These plots in the city are picking up really well with world-class features which are equivalent to any cluster living complexes or villas.

Residential Plots in North Bangalore is more demanding as the region has more added advantages to relish. This has made all the reputed developers develop their phenomenal properties in this region.

There are unbelievable facilities and amenities present in these residential plots which are super gorgeous with facilities like a swimming pool, jacuzzi, board room and outdoor dining area.

The resale value of the residential plots is always top-notch as these carry numerous advantages such as premium, privacy, safety, luxury and copious space with the best lighting and fresh air.

Today let’s go ahead and discuss the best and efficient residential plots in North Bangalore.

Vaishnavi Life

Vaishnavi Plots

This is a 45 acres premium plotted development by Vaishnavi Group. There are only limited units developed in this property to offer ample open and green space with rich amenities. Vaishnavi Life is a premium villa plotted development located at Devanahalli, North Bangalore.

Vaishnavi Life is designed by leading experts to obtain the best efficient designs. This property has many preferred sizes such as

  • 30*40sqft, 1200sqft
  • 30*50sqft, 1500sqft
  • 40*60sqft, 2400sqft

This eminent property has an intelligent layout thus all the units are well ventilated and receive fresh air. Vaishnavi Group has brilliantly designed this layout with zero wastage space.

The layout has many attractive and useful facilities packed in it such as

Underground Drain System: There are proper drain systems designed for this layout to avoid any difficulties and give us a hassle-free atmosphere to live in.

Underground Electric Cabling: Vaishnavi Life has well-structured cabling facilities in the property to avoid any electric leakage and protect us.

Solar Lighting: These are the most useful features present in the Vaishnavi Life to save us ample energy by generating power from natural resources.

Landscaped gardens: The property has beautifully crafted gardens that are super soothing and appealing

The units are intentionally divided into the best sizes to offer a great living experience. We could very well try the best bungalow units in this property just on a 30*40sqft with a portico of size 10*18.9sqft. The bungalow begins with a verandah of size 7.2*5.6sqft. A double-height hall with size 18.4*20.5sqft with bedroom of size 14*10sqft and kitchen 9.8*10.8sqft. The dining area is of size 10.7*10.8sqft.

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