Real Estate Trends in Devanahalli

Devanahalli is the most accessed area from any part of the city. Since the International Airport is present in this region. That is why this region is most visited by many people. This has made the area more prominent on the city map. And thus there are many exclusive developments and improvements done in this area. People prefer this area over other prime places of the city as it is easily accessible to any part of the city.

Real Estate Trends in Devanahalli

This has boosted the placement of this area in real estate as well. As per the recent real estate trends this Devanahalli region carries a lot of demand and value. This is for various valid reasons such as

Spread of IT companies/ IT corridor: As this area has the finest infrastructure and connectedness many of the IT giants have set up their offices in this area. Thus there is a huge demand for commercial space in this region.

Affordability: This region is surprisingly available at the best and reasonable prices. This makes the investors and buyers wait for good projects in this locality and buy it.

Infrastructure and connectedness: This Devanahalli region has the finest framework compared to the other areas as the region has International Airport in itself. The region also has good connectivity with many parts of the city. We could easily traverse to other areas of the city and simultaneously all the essentials are widely available at par.

Variety of Property types: As this area is little on the outskirts of the city the region has huge land parcels available for many types of properties such as residential plots, villas and apartments.

The real estate trend of this Devanahalli is on a rising edge over the years since the BIAL got relocated over here. There are numerous projects packed up in this place with a serene atmosphere, less traffic congestion and pollution.

Today we are going to explore a prominent plotted development at Devanahalli. It is from a reputed developer in the year over decades.

Vaishnavi Life

Vaishnavi Plots

This is a large 45 acres real estate property that has different types of plotted units developed by Vaishnavi Group. Vaishnavi Life is a premium villa plot development property that has limited plotted units. This is because the Vaishnavi Group has lavishly offered ample open, green space and amenities.

The Vaishnavi Life has many favouring sizes such as

  • 30*40sqft, 1200sqft
  • 30*50sqft, 1500sqft
  • 40*60sqft, 2400sqft

This property has many attractive features to offer us a great living style and these days Devanahalli region is filled with state of art projects where we could get ourselves indulged with nature.

How good would it be if we have a small garden and a beautiful abode for us? It would be great right !! Yes, this Vaishnavi Life is crafted in a way that customers expect from a plotted development. There are numerous facilities designed for this upcoming property.

This property is the safest and profitable venture as it is great in keeping its promises and good at resale value.

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