Plots in Devanahalli

Soon after we decide to invest we all think about properties. And among that the best one we prefer and we desire to buy is the plotted developments. This is due to the abundant benefits and delight we get from these.

Plots in Devanahalli

Plots are usually a huge set of land parcels where the professional team will do efficient planning and make it perfectly feasible for living and buying. Basically plotted units would be available in many different sizes which are pretty convenient for crafting our dream abode.

Some of the sizes which are ideal in the plotted development in the real estate market are

  • 30*40sqft
  • 40*50sqft
  • 40*60sqft
  • 60*80sqft

Devanahalli is the most prominent suburb in the North Bangalore region. This has the highest value in the city as the International Airport is present in this North Bangalore. The suburb has taken a new form after the placement of International Airports in this Devanahalli. Thus many companies look for commercial spaces here to establish their business. The demand for this area is been rapidly increasing over the years.

Plots in Devanahalli are a piece of cake for any investor or buyer. Getting a property in this region is quite appealing and valuable. The atmosphere of this region is super soothing with many trees, lakes, fields and villages around. For people looking for a serene atmosphere, this is the go-to place.

Thus there are many reputed developers who are establishing their plotted developments here to sustain the market. This is the best place we could invest if we are looking for a fruitful and peaceful atmosphere in the city.

Vaishnavi Life

Vaishnavi Plots

This is a premium plotted development which is located at Devanahalli. Vaishnavi Life is a 45 acres property with limited plotted units. The property is developed by Vaishnavi Group who been in the industry for over 23+ years. Vaishnavi Life is located close to BIAL. These luxury plots are available in the best sizes such as 30*40sqft, 40*50sqft and 50*60sqft.

This Prelaunch project has been spaciously designed to have ample space and thus receives fresh air and natural light. There is no wastage of space in the Vaishnavi Life property. The infrastructure of this Vaishnavi Life is designed with state of art facilities such as

Organic Waste Converter: This processes the organic waste such as vegetable waste, fruits, meat with appropriate steps and makes it useful for organic farming activities.

Sewage Treatment Plant: STP is the process that treats our sewage water in the community and is reused for flushing and irrigation processes.

Rainwater Harvesting Pits: These are basically the rainwater been collected technically and be used by households to save water resources.

Underground Sump: There are large capacity underground sump designed on this Vaishnavi Life to collect the Cauvery water

Landscaped Areas: There are multiple landscaped areas present in this property to offer us a great refreshing experience.

There are many other exciting facilities present in the Vaishnavi Life property to offer us a sophisticated living with ample comfort, convenience and luxury. Vaishnavi Life is more preferred for its best sizes such as

  • 30*40sqft, 1200sqft
  • 30*50sqft, 1500sqft
  • 40*60sqft, 2400sqft

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