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    Residential Project in Devanahalli Bangalore


About Vaishnavi Life

Vaishnavi Life is the pre-launch luxury plotted development by Vaishnavi Group located in Devanahalli, North Bangalore. Spread across acres of land area, with various plot sizes. These residential plots provide the conveniences of modern living and services that you will enjoy. The new launch of Vaishnavi Life is among the most awaited projects. There are many new plots in Bangalore, but plots on Devanahalli have a demand due to the locality's interests.

Project Highlights

RERA No Pending RERA approval
Development Type Plots
Project Status Upcoming
Location Devanahalli, Bangalore
Development Size Coming Soon
Number of Units Updated Shortly

Key Dates:

  • Pre-launch Date: Yet to be Announced.
  • Completion Date: 3 years from date of launch.
  • Possession Date: Immediately after Completion

project-status Project Status

Pre Launch

location Project Location


unit-variants Unit Variants

30*40,30*50, 40*60

price Starting Price


size Size Range


possession Possession

3 Years from the Date Of Launch

land-area Land Area


number-unit No. of Units



In spite of the pandemic situation, there is a great demand for Bangalore real estate. Especially the plotted developments are much sought for their greater benefits and thus these are the recent trends in the real estate industry.

About Vaishnavi Life

Vaishnavi Life is a state of art property that is strategically located at Devanahalli and developed by the Vaishnavi Group. This huge property has a land parcel of 48 acres and contains many plotted units of size 30*40sqft, 40*50sqft and 40*60sqft. This Prelaunch property is a much-awaited property by many buyers and investors.

There are many exciting features provided in the Vaishnavi Life property to offer us a great living style, comfort, convenience and safety. This property location is being intentionally chosen by the developer Vaishnavi Group to obtain us best returns.

This locality is growing over the years and has got all the finest infrastructure. There are many IT parks, large IT corridors and other industrial spaces like Aerospace Park and SEZ in the vicinity. Other facilities like schools, banks, petrol pumps, shopping malls, supermarkets are all present in the region. Devanahalli obviously has great connectivity with other areas as the BIA is present in the same area.

What is a Model Bungalow?

For a better understanding of the dimensions and the planning, the developer would demonstrate us with a model house that would be designed on all ideal dimensions like 1200sqft,1500sqft and 2400sqft.

How about the Maintenance Charges in Vaishnavi Life?

These are monthly charges been shared by all the plot owners after the possession of the property. Vaishnavi Life is been well designed to offer minimal maintenance charges to offer us a relaxed life on this premises.

Why are upcoming projects better for home buyers and investors?

  • We get wider options to choose from a lot of options as this is a new property and thus all the units are pretty much available.
  • These upcoming properties come with the best new technologies in the industry so there is no need for any recent renovation.
  • Investors could make good use of these types of fresh properties as they have ample time and thus could yield the best returns.
  • Most eminently we would get the best discounts on pricing as we are on the early bird stage.

About the Vaishnavi Group and Advantages of investing in Vaishnavi Upcoming projects

Vaishnavi Group is the leading property developer in the city and has got decades of expertise in the industry. The brand has won over 30+ prestigious awards for its highest quality and consistency. Vaishnavi Group has won 4000 happy hearts over the years.

The developer has a fair name and thus gets many referral clients over all the projects. They are widely known for best customer interaction and satisfaction, timely deliveries.

  • Investing in Vaishnavi’s upcoming project is a wise decision as the property is
  • Located in the best place in the city
  • A premium property that would offer us ample comfort, convenience, safety and luxury
  • High-quality property is most required for the long run.
  • The resale value of this Vaishnavi Life property would be higher as there is always a steady demand for this property across the city.
  • We also get to obtain the best unit sizes like 30*40sqft, 40*50sqft, and 40*60sqft.


Vaishnavi Life Plots

Plots in Devanahalli is a recurrent development as there is a great surge for this property type in this region. Be it any place for that matter the plots are always at a higher edge of demand and likewise the appreciation value of the plots.

This is for the enormous benefits they provide. Compared to any other property types plots are always preferred as these are easy to sell, maintain and yield the best profits and lesser risks.

Devanahalli is a prominent region in North Bangalore for its many benefits and facilities widely available. Literally, the Devanahalli suburb is the predominant one at the city level. Since the Bangalore International Airport is located at this place. Additionally, the area is rich in its infrastructures such as railway stations, bus stations, schools, banks, supermarkets and entertainment zones. The association of this Devanahalli with other prime places of the city is finely done by the exclusive connecting roads. Through this, we could travel from here to other areas at the earliest and in a simpler way.

Thus considering all these positive edges of this place the Vaishnavi Group has come up with a Prelaunch property at this location. It is a 48 acres property with best-sized plot units of size like

  • 30*40sqft, 1200sqft
  • 40*50sqft, 2000sqft
  • 40*60sqft, 2400sqft

There are only limited units developed in this Vaishnavi Life to offer a great living experience with abundant open, green and recreational space.

The Vaishnavi Life has an efficient layout designed by leading experts to offer spacious and ventilated units. The spacing of this premium plotted community is well handled thus there is no wastage of space. There are 15+ amenities designed on this property, for now, there could be some more added to offer us a thrilling experience.

Advantages of Investing in New Launch Projects

Though investing involves many influential factors such as financial status, best location, commitments towards EMI and many others. There are numerous benefits involved in a new launch property.

  • As these are prelaunch projects we could avail of an attractive discount of 10-15% from the property value. When it comes to the initial stages of the project which is just in the design stage we could even expect a discount of 20%.
  • These plotted developments are now available with many thrilling features and amenities which would give us a great living experience.
  • There are many loan facilities that we could avail and the developers would help in connecting with the right channel to avail low-interest loans.
  • As this is a plotted development you could explore all your creative ideas and craft a fine project with some garden or patio space alongside your dream abode.
  • You will have ample time to analyze the location to the property aspects and we could even make good profits if we resell at shorter or in a longer-term.
  • The plot units could be best chosen as there would be wider options to choose from being a fresh property. Thus we could choose units like 1200sqft, 1500sqft or 2000sqft and 2400sqft if we are looking for larger units.77



Bangalore is the first preferred location by any professionals. Because there are abundant opportunities spread across all the fields. Be it IT to Biotech all the sectors are pretty much operating in this field. The payscales are pretty high compared to any other Southern city. This makes the people walk into this paradise with no fear or doubt. At the same time, the city’s people and the culture welcome them with a warm gesture.

Every one of us has a great influence on plotted developments. As these are the safest and most profitable investments in any place. As we all know the plots are always available in the central and also outskirts part of the city. However, the outskirts don’t matter in Bangalore city as there is development spread across the city. The city has multiple IT hubs and other industries spread across the city. Brigade Komarla Heights is a new 2 & 3 bhk apartment at Padmanabhanagar, South Bangalore.

Devanahalli, The Next Real Estate Hub

The location is taking a new form in terms of physical, social, retail infrastructure and civic amenities. We could see many good frameworks such as schools, institutes, shopping malls, and healthcare centres. The connectedness of this property is super splendid with frequent buses, private taxis, autos. The upcoming metro network would be another added merit to this region. There is a 37 kilometer long metro coming up which will connect Hebbal in the north to Sarjapur in South East. This connectivity is an added advantage for real estate investment. Prestige City Sarjapur project will be benefited out of this.

This region has many reputed residential complexes, bungalows and plots present in this area. We could find many state of art properties in this locality that are designed with world-class standards. And facilities like workplace to leisure amenities are well placed in this Devanahalli locality.

New Address in Bangalore

This has driven Vaishnavi Group to develop its most efficient and elegant project at Devanahalli, North Bangalore. The exact proposed Vaishnavi Life address is Bettenahalli, Devanahalli, Southegowdanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562157.

As in the same location, the Airport is present we do not have to shuttle around for any flying

There is the nearest railway station just in few km

There are many bus stations around the Devanahalli region.

The Vaishnavi Life is a plotted development strategically located in this area to offer the finest infrastructure and connectedness. This premium property is developed by Vaishnavi Group. This is a 48 acres property with many preferred plotted units. There is ample space between each plot to make it more ventilated and receive fresh air.

The Vaishnavi Group has wonderfully designed this property with 48 acres land parcel and there are only limited plotted units that are configured with best-preferred dimensions. There are many preferred sizes available in this Vaishnavi Life property such as

  • 30*40sqft, 1200sqft
  • 40*50sqft, 2000sqft
  • 40*60sqft, 2400sqft

Vaishnavi Life is a prosperous property with magnificent designs which are designed by the best designers in the city. The spacing of this majestic plotted development is quite appealing with no wastage of space.

Vaishnavi Life is intentionally crafted to offer the best living space. We could craft good-sized bungalows, villas, twin houses and a simple independent house. One could make the best utilization of these ideal plot sizes such as 1200sqft, 1500sqft and 2400sqft. Which are ideal to craft our creative abodes.


Devanahalli hosts some of the best real estate project in North Bangalore. It is a rapidly growing real estate hub with many IT parks. With this pre-launch luxury plotted development in Devanahalli, Vaishnavi Group will create another landmark. The Outer Ring Road, and the areas in and around this place, saw a surge in housing development. The location is well-connected to the business zones, presenting an excellent investment option for future benefits.

Vaishnavi Life Devanahalli

Devanahalli is a town in the Bangalore Rural district of Karnataka, India. It is a municipal council 40 km to the northeast of Bangalore. Famous for hosting Kempegowda International Airport. On nearly 400 acres adjacent to the airport, a multibillion-dollar Business Park with two IT Parks will be developed.

The city will be connected to Doddaballapur by a new satellite ring road. Devanahalli is near to the Rs. 1,500 billion, 12,000-acre BIAL IT Investment Area, which would be India's largest IT region. Real estate in the area is in high demand due to various commercial and residential developments.

Devanhalli and its Surrounding Development

Devanahalli is one of the emerging real estate destinations of choice in North Bangalore. The most recent price change in Devanahalli is beneficial for investors. It's necessary to understand Vaishnavi Properties' price plans so that buyers can identify when the best time to buy or sell.

The international standard airport, which is located here, is the country's second busiest airport. The planned Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) will run alongside the existing NICE and ORR routes. It would link Bangalore's suburbs to essential highways, such as the OMR and Bellary Road. This development will improve Devanhalli's connectivity to the rest of Bangalore.

Let's look at why homebuyers are attracted to the surrounding development of Devanahalli.

  • The government-sponsored Devanahalli Business Park is being built on nearly 408 acres next to the airport
  • Infosys has purchased 10 acres of land at Devanahalli
  • New Satellite Ring Road connecting to Doddaballapur Road
  • The area is located near the 12,000-acre BIAL IT investment region
  • There will be an Aerospace Park, a Science Park, and a $10 billion Financial City
  • Shell and IFCI campuses will be completed soon
  • More than 50 IT companies have shown their interest in ITIR
  • Namma Metro Phase 2 development will enhance the connectivity and development

Devanahalli is also becoming a technology and industrial hub. Future infrastructure developments are expected to improve Devanhalli's transportation system connection. If you watch closely, investing in Devanahalli is excellent. Because of expansion, the land value that you have invested will increase by many times before you know it.

Advantages of Investing in Devanahalli

Vaishnavi Life Devanahalli Plots

An Aerospace park next to Devanahalli, Science Park, and 1000 Crores Financial City are also coming. This area is close to the Bangalore International Airport, Hyderabad NH-7 highway, and the historical Nandi Hills.

Some of the world's most well-known companies have established a presence in this region, including Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, etc. Over 55 international IT companies have expressed interest in participating in IITR. The KIADP Park will be developed with a land area of 3000 acres and will serve as a significant hub for IT industries. The Namma Metro's phase 2B development and adequate wide expressways improve the locality's connectivity, attracting investors to the area.

The area is connected to Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Devanahalli Business Park (DBP), Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC), and other government-backed initiatives. The need for residential areas is increasing, showing that Vaishnavi Life is an excellent location for a residential stay.

Buyers looking for a better investment option in North Bangalore, Vaishnavi plotted development serves with premium amenities and luxury facilities. The project will be developed with brilliant architectural designs. It includes modern methods and technology. This makes one of the most beautiful plotted developments in North Bangalore.

What’s the history of Devanahalli?

Devanahalli is a historical place in Indian history where the great king Tipu Sultan was born. This area has many historical monuments like the Devanahalli fort and other monumental sculptures. Now over the decades, the image of this locality has been changed and developments are enormous.

This is due to the transition of Bangalore International Airport to this region. After which the developments of this Devanahalli area is been on the higher graph. The infrastructure of this Devanahalli has been tremendously improved with many finely connecting roads, ample bus facilities, a railway station and the proposed metro services.

How come the area attained the rising edge?

This has brought many top IT companies and other industries to establish their base right out here. On the other side, the builders and developers of this Bangalore city have well designed and developed this locality with a fresh and redefined living structure. Which offers great facilities and ample open and green spaces.

The area is rich with IT corridors, reputed highrise buildings, posh villa bungalows and plotted developments. The social infrastructure of this area is superior with the best schools, flyovers for ease commuting, hospitals, shopping malls and entertainment zones.

What’s Devanahalli Future Potential?

The future potential of this Devanahalli region could be apparently anticipated as there are many SEZ and other industrial parks coming up in this region. There are many top-notch companies and projects proposed in this locality. We could expect a great appreciation in the land values.

How about the Devanahalli Surrounding Developments?

Schools & Colleges:

  • Oxford English School
  • Chinmayee Public School
  • Carmel English School

IT Parks:

  • Prestige Tech cloud Business Park
  • Aerospace Park

What are the locality Advantages for Investment?

There are numerous advantages present in this locality investments

  • Prices are reasonable
  • We could avoid the traffic barrier
  • We could relish the finest infrastructure of the city as the property is located in the BIAL region
  • Great resale value and rental leads as there are higher demands for the area
  • The best atmosphere we could experience in the city

How about Vaishnavi Life in Devanahalli

This 48 acres plotted development is developed by Vaishnavi Group. The property is strategically located at Devanahalli. This premium development has ample amenities to offer us a great lifestyle, comfort, convenience, safety. This Vaishnavi Life community is in close proximity to the BIA. This is an added advantage as there is a surging demand for properties in the BIAL vicinity.

The layout has been well handled and thus many preferred sizes are available in this Vaishnavi Life such as

  • 30*40sqft, 1200sqft
  • 30*50sqft, 1500sqft
  • 40*60sqft, 2400sqft

This property is for people who are looking for a great atmosphere with limited housing units. The urban chaos like traffic congestion, polluted air could be greatly avoided in this property. This is more of a natural living property where only limited units are designed and remaining spaces are dedicated for nature walks, landscaped gardens, clubhouse and other amenities.

People could plot their own housing plans on these ideal plot sizes such as 30*40sqft, 30*50sqft and 40*60sqft. These are actually hot cake dimensions in the real estate sector.

The driveways are broader and much ventilated.

How does an Ideal 1200-1500sqft plotted house look?

The Bungalow house starts with a covered portico of space 6.0” deep and to the side, there are 2 car garages of size 22*22sqft. This is continued by a living room of size 16*18sqft, kitchen and dining of space 16*19.4sqft. The bedrooms are 16.4*13sqft, 14*12sqft and 14*12sqft respectively.


Investments are always the best option for our secured and better future. This awareness is among us for centuries. Thus people always invest in gold, silver, or any bonds or properties. However, the property investments are the evergreen treasured ones for all of us.

Real Estate Investment

And especially the current pandemic situation has made people think about their future. Thus many new investors and homebuyers have been involved in these investments in recent days.

And it doesn’t stop just by picking a random property for investment. The purpose of putting in our hard-earned money would not be solved. Because any random property would not provide us with the desired returns or profits. So we need to be choosing a predominant property for the best returns. As we know if we buy the best property our self-esteem enhances. And the other side the society and our closed circle of contacts recognize us well. In a country like India, property status is the foremost to decide an individual’s status. For our own peace and goodness, it is best suggested to go for efficient reputed developer property to have a good lifestyle.

In investment, there are 2 major factors we need to be considered while putting in our hard-earned money. They are


  • If you are ok to wait for over a year or so for the completion of the project
  • Are you looking for ready to move in properties


  • Make sure you fix the apartment first in place before exploring the properties.
  • It’s best suggested to look for locations which are feasible for our workplace, kids schools and other facilities.
  • Also, we need to be sure that the locality has to be good at infrastructure and connectedness.

When it comes to the Vaishnavi Life locality it is strategically developed at Devanahalli by the Vaishnavi Group. This area is known for BIAL and the rapid present and proposed developments in this area. This is a profitable venture which would yield higher returns for the below-mentioned reasons.

The locality is another hot cake in this buying. Devanahalli is the prominent place in the city for the presence of BIAL.

There are only limited plotted units developed by Vaishnavi Group to offer ample open and green space.

The Vaishnavi Life property has been brilliantly designed by leading professionals thus the layout of this property is splendid.

There are ample open and green spaces however there is no wastage of space in this elegant plotted community.

The property has numerous amenities present in it. However, these facilities would be disclosed shortly.

Vaishnavi Life is present in the best place thus there are schools, colleges, healthcare providers, shopping malls and entertainment zones just in the locality.

The pricing of this premium community is quite impressive as its reasonable in price.


Bangalore city’s real estate is known for its innovative and exceptional characteristics. These projects are looked up across the country as these carry a great redefined look and features. Plots always carry a higher edge in the property market as these have a higher scope. These days we could expect a redefined plotted development in Bangalore as the developers are competing to sustain their market. Thus, new updated technologies and facilities have been embedded even in the plotted community.

Vaishnavi Plots in North Bangalore

A few years back, plotted development was known to be sold just with respective approvals. These days, the developers are loading up their properties with unique and effective features similar to the apartment complexes.

Vaishnavi Life is a phenomenal premium plotted development by Vaishnavi Group. This is a 2-decade real estate group with over 4000+ happy clients and has covered 10+Million Sqft land area. This expertise Vaishnavi Group is involved in many different segments like residential, commercial and retail.

The location plays a great role in this property. As the Vaishnavi Group has intentionally chosen this Devanahalli region for its greatness. Devanahalli has the highest edge in the locality terms as the BIA is located in this area. Moreover, the whole of the North Bangalore region is demanding as there is surging growth.

As we all know people here in Bangalore prefer the apartment units for their luxury, convenience, and budget. The Vaishnavi Life project has got all these necessary benefits like abundant amenities which would give us ample delight and fun. The pricing of this property is also quite appealing as the prices of Vaishnavi Life is nominal.

The Vaishnavi Group has well planned advanced technologies and facilities in this premium plotted community and thus the infrastructure of this Vaishnavi Life plotted development is outstanding.

Vaishnavi Life looks stunning with many natural elements like open, green space and other orchard features. This gives a lovely and go-to atmosphere to all age group buyers.

The ground facilities of this property such as 24*7 water and security are well designed with advanced techniques and the safest and best community to live in.

Now coming to the actual part of the business. Yes !! we all look at properties from a business perspective. As these are capable of providing the best returns. As these are pioneer plotted development the returns are higher. Generally, everyone knows the value of plots in real estate development. These are the superior property types in the residential real estate market for their numerous values and benefits.

Next comes the interesting part of the plotted community the layouts. The Vaishnavi Life layouts are well designed by leading designers to offer an efficient layout with no wastage of space. At the same time, the purpose is well served with rich copious units such as

  • 30*40, 1200sqft
  • 30*50, 1500sqft
  • 40*60, 2400sqft

These are ideal sizes in any residential plotted development. The Vaishnavi Group has strategically planned for these ideal size ranges such as 1200sqft, 1500sqft, 2400sqft to offer a flawless property for their buyers and investors. These are pretty copious we could craft our creative abodes with our own desired dimensions such as a large living room of size 20*16sqft, with a backyard or garden space of 8*10sqft.


Vaishnavi Life Devanahalli Connectivity

Bangalore is the most popular metropolitan destination among residents. It offers a luxurious lifestyle due to its weather conditions and an enormous amount of job opportunities. The town is known as the IT Hub or Silicon City because it can accommodate people of all generations and meet their basic needs. The city has four main zones: North Bangalore, South Bangalore, East Bangalore, and West Bangalore.

Importance of Connectivity

Connectivity is one of the essential aspects when it comes to real estate investment. Connectivity to commercial and IT hubs is a key factor that drives housing demand when investors look for a potential investment zone. Infrastructure development and connectivity are the core components of the real estate market, ensuring that residents' basic needs are met. In a crowded city like Bangalore, the time taken to get from one place to another has a big impact on investors looking for well-connected places to live.

North Bangalore Connectivity

Over the last few years, North Bangalore has witnessed significant growth. It has improved connectivity, reduced land costs, increased the availability of large land areas, and boosted the property's capital appreciation by providing numerous investment options. It is presently the famous zone among residents due to the excellent social and physical infrastructure. It is home to the busiest Kempegowda International Airport and a primary IT network cluster, including large IT giants and Business Parks.

South Bangalore Connectivity

South Bangalore is considered the old Bangalore, and it is home to a large number of native residents who have established a strong presence in the suburb. Banashankari, Bannerghatta road, Mysore road, Koramangala, Electronic City, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, and Ramanagara surround this region. Jayanagar is a popular location with well-planned infrastructure and significant streets.

West Bangalore Connectivity

West Bangalore is one of the city's most popular areas, with industrial zones such as Sondekoppa, Magadi Road, Peenya, Tumkur, and Tavarekere Town. The main roads leading to Mysore and Tumkur are only a few minutes away. The West localities have considered powerful areas with enhanced connectivity, upcoming commercial developments, and metro corridor extension due to their strong industry presence.

East Bangalore Connectivity

East Bangalore is the city's tech and residential hub. And a popular spot for working professionals & residents. Bellandur, CV Raman Nagar, Hoodi, Krishnarajapuram, Mahadevpura, Marathahalli, Varthur, Sarjapur Road, and Whitefield are all part of it. With the establishment of IT companies and the development of connectivity & infrastructure, the area has experienced tremendous growth.

Property Trends

Bangalore city is the most welcoming city which has all the development aspects across the sectors. The city is well developed and extended its edges across the city. Devanahalli is the prime location in the city which is the most demanding area in the city. This is for the presence of BIAL in the region. Thus the development of this Devanahalli is exponential compared to any other area in the city.

Why is Vaishnavi Group Launching Plotted Development in this Locality?

The locality is a serene location which is a great place for people who are looking for a break from urban chaos or for people who wants to live along with nature. This is the first go-to place for any home buyers and investors. That is why the buyers or investors look for efficient projects in this region to put in their hard-earned money.

The Devanahalli region has many industrial companies like IT and other large industries. This brings the people to prefer this area as this is close to our workplace, and availability of best schools, banks, hospitals and shopping malls.

How is this a Perfect Residential Plotted Development by Vaishnavi Group in Devanahalli?

Vaishnavi Group is the leading property developer in the city and has done phenomenal projects across the city. The brand has got good recognition in society for its consistent high quality and timely deliveries.

Within this 48 acres land parcel development there are limited residential plots with ideal dimensions such as 30*40sqft, 40*50sqft and 40*60sqft. The Vaishnavi Life has ample space for open, green space and amenities. The Vaishnavi Group has provided many amenities to offer us a great living style, comfort, convenience and safety.


  • These are best for investors as this premium plotted development is easy to sell.
  • There are ample rental leads for this property after construction as it is placed in the best locality of the city
  • In this Devanahalli area, all the facilities right from work to entertainment are available in this region for a fine living.
  • This is a place with a good sustainable living system that keeps the residential and industrial units in a balance
  • There are adequate open and green spaces to relax and play. Our kids could have a good time in this Vaishnavi Life property
  • The Best lifestyle offered for us with many quality elements
  • Hassle-free commuting as there is a strong infrastructure and connectivity in this area
  • Investors could make higher returns on this Pre-launch property
  • The most important factor in any buying is the quality. This is been well and finely served in this property
  • Rental leads are high and much profitable in this property
  • The property is pretty reasonably priced.
  • We could craft fine and contemporary architecture with our own best plans with a living room of size 14*18sqft, kitchen space of 10*9sqft, bedrooms of size 12*11sqft and 11*11sqft respectively. We could also plan for a spacious car space of 8*9sqft. We could pretty well craft a duplex home with a built up area of 2000+ sqft on a 1500sqft.

Vaishnavi Group

Vaishnavi Group is a leading property developer in the city and has done over 35+ projects. The brand is mixed up in real estate segments like residential and commercial. This 23-year-old group has covered 9 million sqft projects at various stages of development. This Vaishnavi Group has proven its excellence consistently and thus has won over 30+ prestigious awards.

Vaishnavi Group follows the standards and processes flawless projects which are more conceptual, innovative and effective.

The Vaishnavi Group in all their projects puts the customer first by giving utmost preference and importance to the customers. Thus they deliver the project ahead of time and follow techniques that are ahead of time.

Vaishnavi Group has set all its construction standards at a high level on all the parameters. Thus there is no compromise in quality with the Vaishnavi Group properties.

Vaishnavi Group has achieved significant milestones throughout its over 20 year's journey, with innovative initiatives bringing enormous value to its customers. The diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, and retail developments is a proud witness to the company's commitment to building strong, dynamic communities and flourishing workplaces.

Vaishnavi Group maintains the highest quality and creates projects that are both unique and well-placed in the city. All of the projects are in prime locations and are well-connected to places of everyday use and interest. The buildings are designed with excellent comfort and design in mind, built with outstanding construction quality and cutting-edge technologies. Vaishnavi Home has stood the test of time and continues to provide excellent service.

It has completed over 6 million sq ft of commercial and residential space completed during a two-decade experience in real estate development. More than 4 million sq ft are currently under development, with another 3 million sq ft in later developmental stages. It is a most renowned brand in the real estate industry for its honesty, dedication, and continuous expectations.

Vaishnavi Group is highly focused on developing specialized and urban-centric real estate properties. It takes great pleasure in creating beautiful designs, top-of-the-line amenities, and feature-packed houses. The goal is for residents to fall in love with the structures and amenities that come with them.

The company is continuously developing and innovating while focusing uncompromisingly on creating great spaces around the city. It is really aimed at providing the highest possible experience for customers.

What are the Advantages of Buying Vaishnavi Group Properties?

Quality plan and development

The Vaishnavi Life is well planned and designed by leading experts in the city to offer a great and finest layout. This is an efficient layout and thus there is no wastage in space. Simultaneously the plot units are pretty copious and ventilated.

The development has been well executed by the Vaishnavi Group to offer a flawless property. The property is well developed with good craftsmanship and the finest quality.

Best in class conveniences

This property is developed with many convenient features for home buyers and investors. Thus there is a great demand for this property among home buyers and investors.

Adherence to the RERA Norms

This Vaishnavi Life property is pretty much adhering to the norms of all the regulatory bodies such as RERA. These groups are great strengths for the buyers as these support safe buying. If there is any delay in completion or possession the RERA would involve and do the needful for the buyer.

Undeniable degree of safety

The Vaishnavi Life property is the safest property in the locality as there is a 3 tier security system implemented in this property such as 24*7 security personnel services, CCTV surveillance and other updated video calling security systems.

On-time conveyance

This premium plotted development is committed to being delivered at the promised timespan. All the Vaishnavi Group properties are so far executed ahead of time and delivered ahead of time. Thus this developer has a got timely credential thus this Vaishnavi Life premium plotted development is also designed to deliver ahead of the promised timelines.

Vaishnavi Projects in North Bangalore

North Bangalore has a lot of potential in terms of residential and commercial real estate. It is the best location for investors and citizens who want to build their own homes. It is well-connected to the Bangalore International Airport, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, the Railway Station, renowned hospitals and schools, and many commercial centres.

North24 is Vaishnavi's latest venture in Bangalore's Hebbal area. The three apartment blocks are situated on a large area of 2.72 acres, represent the best living areas in north Bangalore. It has excellent access to the city's central business sector and essential parts of the town and KIAL. The residences are Vaastu compliant, with carefully designed amenities to provide a comfortable experience.

The project is approximately 1 km from the Hebbal flyover, has an unmatched connection to all important places and areas of everyday convenience. The project provides luxury in a practical and accessible form, whether it is in terms of location, design, or facilities. Because of its accessibility to city and surrounding areas, the area is in high demand. This area's price growth could be very good in the future. Houses with outstanding interiors and exteriors represent a desirable urban lifestyle, ensuring that your everyday life is beautiful and outstanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many plot units are present in this Vaishnavi Life development?

This is an upcoming property Vaishnavi Group. As this Vaishnavi Life plotted development is yet to be launched the number of plot units is not yet known.

2. Where is the Vaishnavi Life Located?

Vaishnavi Life is located at Bettenahalli, Devanahalli, Southegowdanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562157

3. How much is the price of a 1500 sqft plot in Vaishnavi Life?

This is a pre-launch plotted development present at Devanahalli. Being a Pre-launch property the price sheet of this Vaishnavi Life plotted community is yet to release.

4. What are the different types of plot sizes available?

There are different kinds of plotted units available in this premium plotted community. Yes !! Vaishnavi Life has 30*40-1200sqft plot units, 30*50-1500sqft plot units & 40*60-2400sqft plot units.

5. What kind of property is Vaishnavi Life Devanahalli?

This is a premium plotted development by Vaishnavi Group. This upcoming development is a fabulous property with loaded facilities in it.

6. How good are these Vaishnavi Life plot layouts?

The designs of this plotted community are done by leading professionals thus there is an efficient layout designed for us. There is an ample amount of spacing and thus all the units receive ample natural light and fresh air.

7. When is the launch of Vaishnavi Life, Devanahalli?

The Vaishnavi Life, Devanahalli is a premium plotted development that is strategically located at a promising place in the city. This property is awaiting RERA approval. This approval is a treasured regulatory body that is most essential in any property buying.

8. From the launch date, how long would it take for handover?

As this is a plotted development, after the registration of the plot immediate handover would be done.

9. Who are the developers of Vaishnavi Life?

Vaishnavi Life is been developed by the Vaishnavi Group. The property developer Vaishnavi Group has 23 years of great expertise that has different portfolios such as residential, commercial and retail. The Vaishnavi Group has won 4000+ happy customers by their high quality and consistency. This developer has won over 30+ prestigious awards for its best projects.

10. Why is Vaishnavi Life considered the Best plotted development in Bangalore?

The property is from the best property developer Vaishnavi Group

These are efficient layouts with no wastage of space

The return from this Vaishnavi Life is super appreciated as it has high buying demands and could be sold for high prices.

11. What is the development size of Vaishnavi Life, Devanahalli?

The Vaishnavi Life, Devanahalli is a premium plotted development that is spread on 45 acres land parcel.

12. Is it a RERA approved property?

The Vaishnavi Life, Devanahalli has processed the RERA approvals. And is awaiting the approvals to be obtained. The developer has procured a clear title property and thus follows all the norms and regulations to safeguard the investor’s hard-earned money.

13. What to do for further queries about Vaishnavi Life?

For any further queries do fill in the below contact form so that we would quickly get back to you.

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